The company supports the need for a comprehensive and effective Safety, Quality & Environmental management system to ensure that the services offered by this organization meet customer requirements. That management system is detailed in its policy manual and tt is approved and issued on the authority of the Management.

The Company Management System (CMS) is designed to operate within the requirements set by the ISM code and the OCIMF TMSA3 complying also with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, requirements as appropriate in order to fulfil TMSA3 KPIs

The management system enables the organization to provide consistent services which meet Environmental & Safety requirements, customer's requirements as well as continually improving customer satisfaction through effective and efficient application of its processes.

The processes necessary for an effective and efficient operation of the company are defined within this quality management system and are subject to continued assessment for their suitability and use. These include processes for management activities, resource planning and allocation, product realization and performance measurement as well as outsourcing.