Silver BITE award for Propulsion Analytics, WinGD and Kyklades Maritime

(From left to right,  Mr. Rene Baart, Dr. Panos Kyrtatos and Mr. Georgios Roussos)

Propulsion Analytics (PA), WinGD and Kyklades Maritime Corporation (KMC) have won the Silver award in the category “Shipping” of the BITE (Business Information Technology Excellence) Awards 2023.

The BITE Awards is an important institution celebrating technological innovation in Greece. These awards recognize and reward outstanding achievements in the ICT market, in the development and utilization of IT applications.

This Silver award honors the successful collaboration between Swiss marine engine designer WinGD and Greek software company PA for the development of “WiDE: A Comprehensive Ship Engine Performance Monitoring System for Diagnostics and Performance Optimization”, and its fleet application in cooperation with Kyklades Maritime Corporation.

WiDE (WinGD Integrated Digital Expert) is an end-to-end application for the continuous monitoring, diagnostics, decision support and optimization of ship propulsion engines. WiDE is the only digital engine diagnostics tool of its kind, combining thermodynamic models and artificial intelligence to provide ship operators with a full picture of their engine’s performance and health.

The inclusion of WiDE on the Kyklades vessels ensures efficient operation while reducing data analysis and troubleshooting effort. Currently WiDE is active on 12 Kyklades vessels, delivering high performance and swift issue resolution through automatic fault analysis and isolation via the diagnostic system and the remote support from engine experts. Kyklades, being a progressive company focusing on advanced performance monitoring and environmental protection, and having several modern, highly efficient vessels, is an ideal vessel operator for employing WiDE to ensure high efficiency in operation.

The award was received by Mr. Georgios Roussos, Performance & Newbuilding Manager at Kyklades Maritime Corporation, Dr. Panos Kyrtatos, Business Development Manager of Propulsion Analytics and Mr. René Baart, Senior Product Manager Digital Operations of WinGD.

About Propulsion Analytics

Propulsion Analytics is an innovative software solution company in the area of performance management, energy efficiency optimization and maintenance decision support for the maritime industry. We have pioneered the use of digital twins based on thermodynamic simulation models in conjunction with machine learning techniques. Our digital twins are used for vessel and engine performance assessment, fault diagnostics and optimization in service, with the aim to  increase reliability, improve efficiency and reduce emissions of seagoing vessels.

For more information on Propulsion Analytics, visit: http://www.propulsionanalytics.com

About WinGD

WinGD advances the decarbonisation of marine transportation through sustainable energy systems using the most advanced technologies in emissions reduction, fuel efficiency, hybridisation and digital optimisation. With their twostroke low-speed engines at the heart of the power equation, WinGD sets the industry standard for reliability, safety, efficiency and environmental design, backed by a global network of service and support. Headquartered in Winterthur,
Switzerland since its origin as the Sulzer Diesel Engine business in 1893, today it is powering the transformation to a sustainable future.

WinGD is a CSSC Group company.

For more information visit: http://www.wingd.com

About Kyklades Maritime Corporation
Kyklades Maritime Corporation (KMC) balances the importance of maritime tradition with a forward thinking approach coupled with an innovative policy that assists in propelling us to the forefront of this industry. Moreover, KMC strives to promote a culture of integrity, social responsibility, and commitment, while always adhering to the ever-changing burdens and regulations of the maritime industry. KMC has recently completed its massive new building program in South Korea, with the aim of finalizing top of the line vessels to meet the arduous demands of our top tier counter-parties and moving forward with the plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our fleet. KMC is a preferred partner to major oil companies and major commodity traders and it is our priority to build on and expand our existing relationships. KMC controls one of the industry’s youngest, scrubber-fitted, eco fleet flying the Hellenic and Marshall Islands flag, with each
vessel manned with Greek and Filipino officers and a dedicated highly trained, experienced, and motivated personnel.
For more information visit: www.kykmar.gr


Media contact Propulsion Analytics:
Zoe Lygizou-Karlou, Communications & Marketing Executive, E-Mail: zoe.lygizou@propulsionanalytics.com,
Tel: +30 210 4535 382 | M: +30 6989582696


Media contact WinGD:
Anna Garcia, Director of Corporate Responsibility & Communications, E-mail: anna.garcia@wingd.com,
Tel: +41 52 264 8844


Media contact Kyklades Maritime Corporation:
Panagiotis Kourkoumelis, Training & Development Manager, E-mail: pkourkoumelis@kykmar.gr
Tel.: +30 210 4804 096 | M: +30 6980323017


Congratulations to our basketball team for winning the Commercial League Basketball Cup.

We are proud of our colleagues and their efforts, always moving forward with confidence!


Delivery of Nissos Kea and Nissos Nikouria


They are sister VLCC vessels and were delivered from HHI within two months of each other.

We wish to both of them and their crew fair winds and following seas!


Delivery of Nissos Ios and Nissos Koufonissi


They are the second pair, from an order book of six, of Suezmax vessels delivered from HHI.

Fair winds and following seas!



The Covid-19 pandemic has left hundreds of thousands of seafarers stuck aboard ships.

Long periods at sea impact their wellbeing and increase the risk of maritime incidents.

KYKLADES MARITIME CORPORATION is a signatory of the Neptune Declaration and we invite everyone to join us in our support of the world’s seafarers.

You can find more information at https://bit.ly/3qDJoPe



Nissos Delos receives and AMVER Award

Congratulations to the Master and Crew of NISSOS DELOS for their contribution to a successful rescue operation.
We are proud for our people and our participation in AMVER.


The second issue of our magazine is out! This issue of Kyklades Journal includes a variety of articles on interesting and informative subjects. We have also chosen articles to introduce the important concept of the mental well-being onboard setting the stage for the next issue that will be dedicated on the subject.



Delivery of Nissos Sikinos and Nissos Sifnos

KYKLADES MARITIME CORPORATION welcomes two new vessels to the fleet.
NISSOS SIKINOS and NISSOS SIFNOS were delivered from HHI Samho Shipyard, Korea.
They were both constructed under DNV-GL rules and registered with the Marshall Islands flag administration.




We are delighted to announce the first issue of our magazine is out. Kyklades Journal  is a quarterly magazine focusing on the company activities and presenting areas of interest or attention. The first issue includes a range of topics, from the pressing issue of the pandemic to recent case studies and a successful rescue operation. We strive to involve all employees in our Journal and hope that it will become a platform for all colleagues to express their ideas.


KYKLADES MARITIME CORPORATION actively tries to raise public awareness for the release of thousand of Seafarers, through SKAI TV. Our people, on board Nissos Despotiko and in office, were hosted on the main daily news show of SKAI TV, one of the most prestigious news channels of Greece.



Delivery of VLCC Newbuilding Nissos Anafi

She is the first vessel to be delivered in 2020 and the eighth VLCC received from the builders, HHI Ulsan Shipyard, Korea.
NISSOS ANAFI was constructed under ABS rules and and registered with the Marshall Islands flag administration.



Delivery of VLCC Newbuilding Nissos Keros

KYKLADES MARITIME CORPORATION is happy to announce the delivery of NISSSOS KEROS.

NISSOS KEROS is the seventh vessel received from the builders, HHI Ulsan Shipyard, Korea. She was constructed under ABS rules and and registered with the Marshall Islands flag administration.


Delivery of VLCC Newbuilding Nissos Kythnos

KYKLADES MARITIME CORPORATION is happy to announce the delivery of NISSOS KYTHNOS.

NISSOS KYTHNOS is the sixth vessel received from the builders, HHI Ulsan Shipyard, Korea. She was constructed under DNV GL rules and and registered with the Marshall Islands flag administration.


Delivery of VLCC Newbuilding Nissos Donoussa

KYKLADES MARITIME CORPORATION is happy to announce the delivery of NISSOS DONOUSSA.
NISSOS DONOUSSA is the fifth vessel received from the builders, HHI Ulsan Shipyard, Korea. She was constructed under DNV GL rules and and registered with the Marshall Islands flag administration.



Delivery of VLCC Newbuilding Nissos Antiparos

KYKLADES MARITIME CORPORATION is happy to announce the delivery of NISSOS ANTIPAROS. She is the fourth VLCC from an order book of eight, built at HHI Ulsan Shipyard, Korea.
NISSOS ANTIPAROS was constructed under ABS rules and registered with the Marshall Islands flag administration.



Delivery of VLCC Newbuilding Nissos Santorini

KYKLADES MARITIME CORPORATION is happy to announce the delivery of NISSOS SANTORINI.  She is the third VLCC from an order book of eight, built at HHI Ulsan Shipyard, Korea.
NISSOS SANTORINI was constructed under ABS rules and registered with the Marshall Islands flag administration.



Shipbuilding Contract with J.M.U. 

KYKLADES MARITIME CORPORATION, as managers, concluded a shipbuilding contract for the construction of two Suezmax tankers, 157,100 dwt each, with Japan Marine United (JMU).
KYKLADES MARITIME CORPORATION, 14 years after the delivery of M/T Thera have returned to Japan with their close friends.
M/T Thera, a 150,000 dwt Suezmax, sister ships with M/T Sifnos (1999) and M/T Sikinos (2000), was built in NKK Japan in 2001.
Nippon Kokan (NKK) is one of the yards that now forms J.M.U.


Delivery of Nissos Schinoussa 

NISSOS SCHINOUSSA was delivered to her owners, Ios Maritime Corp. on Sept. 23, 2015. She was built in Hyundai Heavy industries Co. Ltd, in South Korea and is the last coated Aframax tanker (LR2) of a four sister ship project. She flies the Greek flag and is fully manned with Greek officers.


Wärtsilä X72 and X62 engines successfully pass important milestone tests

The Wärtsilä X72 and the Wärtsilä X62 two-stroke engines have recently successfully passed important tests that verify various performance criteria. The Type Approval Test (TAT) for the Wärtsilä X72 took place at the premises of Wärtsilä’s licensee, Doosan Engine Co. Ltd, in Changwon, South Korea. This was followed by a successful Sea Trial carried out by Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (DSIC).


Crew Internet with Infinity at Kyklades Maritime

KYKLADES MARITIME CORPORATION has 6 vessels using the 3GB plan with Infinity on their vessels. They use two FBB antennas, one FBB 500 for business use, and one FBB 250 for crew use, with usage of the 3GB plan split over the two terminals. Business email and applications are done using Rydex software, which allows them to email, and synchronise folders with NS5, the PMS systems.